Wigan 0-2 CHELSEA: Insipid or Inspiring?


Ok, so it was neither a goal-fest nor an edge-of-your-seat thriller, but then what can you expect on the first day of our season?

Given how we’d looked at times pre-season, I was pretty happy to get a comfortable win. Yes, we got lazy and rode it a bit at times but so what? Better that than knock ourselves out needlessly or worse still, have the sort of first day Liverpool, Spurs and QPR fans suffered. With 3 games to be played in quick succession, I don’t think there’s much to complain about really.

If anything, Hazard gave us plenty to celebrate on his Premier League debut and even Oscar’s brief appearance was inspiring given he’s not exactly rested.  Ramires had disappeared from the squad fairly late through illness, so with Mata on the right, Hazard had a bit of a free-role and he was a delight to watch.  If his first game is anything to go by when the side haven’t fully got into their stride, then things are looking decent on an attacking front for us.

Just 110 seconds into the game, a semi-inducing turn and pass from Hazard, showing our new signing has vision as well as the skill to back it up, had Ivanovic thanking his lucky stars the Community Shield red was wiped out last week, as he took it well to finish the move in the manner it deserved. In the 7th minute, we’d scored again with a Frank Lampard penalty – his 40th taken in the Premier League and 37th slotted home – but again, it was Hazard who assisted, drawing the foul from Ramis in the area. In fact, how Wigan didn’t give away more was the real question on the day – they potentially could and possibly should have.

Hazard was clearly too much for Wigan to handle and they dished out a ‘welcome to the Premier League’ Wimbledon style as he frustrated them time and again with the ball apparently Velcro-ed to his foot.  His link-up play with Juan Mata was pretty impressive this early on as well by the way. Unsurprisingly though, seeing as it’s Chelsea, with the exception of Hazard, we took our foot off the pedal at 2-0 and Wigan to their credit, took that as permission to give us a game.

They did get a couple of chances, with Victor Moses taking the opportunity to acquaint himself with the keeper he’ll be facing in training before too long – and finding Petr Cech more than up to the task. The 21 year old made enough of a nuisance of himself though to demonstrate why he’s likely to be on our books before the end of the month.

One of our former players came close for Wigan as well, getting the ball past Cech only for David Luiz – yes the same David Luiz slated just days ago for sloppiness – to clear off the line. Mind you, Torres would know how Franco Di Santo feels, having seen some last ditch defending from Ramis clearing his own effort before it could hit the net in the 63rd minute.

Oscar got about 25 minutes to impress – and almost managed to do just that as soon as he hit the pitch, sprinting past Ramis and hitting a shot just wide of the far post. I’m telling you, we’ve got some bloody good, young talent now! Gomez and Kone had chances but we held on to the 2 goal cushion we’d made for ourselves very early on and continued our record of no opening day defeats since 1998.

Overall then, there’ll be sterner tests to come but the early signs suggest we also have the players to dish out a few tests ourselves.




WIGAN: Al-Habsi, Caldwell, Alcaraz, Ramis, Boyce, Figueroa, McArthur (Watson, 80), McCartney, Moses, Maloney (Gomez, 48), Di Santo (Kone, 67).

Unused Subs: Pollitt, Jones, Crusat, Boselli


CHELSEA: Cech; Ivanovic, Luiz, Terry, Cole; Lampard, Mikel; Hazard (Oscar, 64), Mata (Meireles, 82), Bertrand; Torres.

Unused Subs: Turnbull, Cahill, Ferreira, Essien, Sturridge.




CHELSEA: Ivanovic 2, Lampard (pen) 7




Eden Hazard

11 Responses to “Wigan 0-2 CHELSEA: Insipid or Inspiring?”

  1. I was actually very happy with the game. Wigan are a team that can cause us problems, and it was away from home. For the first 20 minutes we looked capable of scoring whenever we broke forward which you cannot say has been the case over the last 4 years. Hazard played well (and looked annoyed to get subbed which I like) Mata needs a rest but I liked how he is coming deeper to get the ball, something I think will benefit in the long term. Oscar has a lot of pace it seems (something I didn’t know about him, Lampard played like he was 28 not 34, in terms of movement and passing. Look at his run from Cech’s roll out to see why he is still very important to the side. Mikel played well without being brilliant, and Torres probably should have scored. I think the game probably came too early for Studge otherwise he may have got 30 minutes.

  2. Semi-inducing? really? that was some turn 🙂

  3. But Chelsea must try hard to get Moses, that guy is a sure dribbler/winger if he is in a good team like Chelsea he’ll mess up many opponents’ defense I’ll bet that!

  4. Inspiring for mee … Top class talent who has all to do bit shine!

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  5. pls chelsea what is realy going on in our transfer maket.look at yesterday match pls we need a person like TIOTE JEKOVIC and Right back if we must compete in all competition this season.

  6. I was the other way inclined i would have to say. Hazard did play very well, and i cant wait to see more of him, however am i the only one who thinks we are FAR to sloppy in our passing and possession. Im sorry but Mikel is simply not good enough for this Chelsea team, and i would like to see a new player for that position or to bring up some youth to fill the hole, he gives possession away constantly and cant help but slow the game down, something that we are looking to change.

    Overall, i am pleased with the result, but i feel the Newcastle game will be the true test on how far we can go this season.

  7. Looked very optimistic indeed. Although Wigan started to look like our match a lot of the time. Hoping for more killer instinct and no mercy.

  8. how about dis

  9. cech—-Ivanovic—-luiz/cahill—–terry——-cole———-essien——–lampard——-sturidge——hazard——mata—-TORRES. Then we hav our nitro bench options. Hilario—Turnbull—cahill—periera—bertrand—marin—-oscar—mikel—-ramires—piazon+ any strikers we hav left.Wit dose players u make ur team.god giv me da blessin da he gave chelsea.go on da blues!!!!

  10. nd meireles

  11. Simon – my eldest laughed when I said it was almost semi-inducing so I took that to mean I was correct