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Chelsea: The Hazard Effect

A goal, an assist and another Man of the Match for Eden Hazard at the weekend and that still doesn’t cover quite what he brought to the game against Newcastle.

Fernando Torres says it’s a ‘privilege’ to have him in the side – it’s certainly a privilege to watch him anyway. In fact, it’s a privilege to watch Chelsea full-stop so far this season. Yes, I know it’s only 3 games in but it’s hard not to get a little bit carried away with some of the football we’ve seen.  He seems to have energized everyone around him and Torres definitely acknowledges the benefits of having him, saying “A player like him can make a difference.  It is a privilege for a striker to have a player like him or Juan (Mata), Oscar or Lamps (Frank Lampard) behind you.  It is difficult to start winning games when you change your style but we are doing it and we must be proud of that.

We are enjoying ourselves, we are having a really good start to the season and I think the fans are enjoying it too.  We are playing really good football for the moment, so let’s build on this momentum.”

Maybe I’m in danger of having unrealistic expectations of Hazard so soon – but the early signs are pretty bloody good aren’t they? Whilst plenty of players struggle to find their Premier League feet, Hazard looks as if it comes naturally to play alongside his Chelsea team-mates in the Premier League. From assisting with 2 goals inside the first 6 minutes of his Premier League debut, to his ability to shake off Wigan’s repeated Wimbledon-style assaults on him, he looks every inch the real deal.

From the pace, skill and accuracy we saw setting Ivanovic up against Wigan, to the team-play and sheer class of his back heel for Torres to finish off with a sublime strike, Eden Hazard is an absolute inspiration to watch – and Torres is right, it really is a privilege to have him.

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