Have We Had Enough Fergie Time Yet?

When I read a tweet yesterday saying Fergie was complaining about the lack of time added on at the end of their game, I thought it was a joke.  I mean, I just thought ‘he wouldn’t go down that road again would he?’ Well apparently he would. … Read More

Roberto Di Matteo: I Was Right To Pick JT

Love him or loathe him, no-one can ignore him and it seems John Terry took centre-stage yet again yesterday as our players stepped out onto the pitch at the Emirates. … Read More

Arsenal 1-2 CHELSEA: Questions Answered?

Questions were being asked before this one, largely from Arsene Wenger on whether or not we miss Didier Drogba. Well Arsene, the answer is ‘maybe, but we can still beat you without him’. … Read More

Arsenal v CHELSEA: Preview










Venue: Emirates Stadium

Date: Saturday, 29 September

Kick-off: 12.45 GMT


I hate playing Arsenal. Seriously, I know everyone gets up for the big games, particularly the derbies, but this is one of the games in a season for me I just don’t look forward to.… Read More

Arsenal v CHELSEA: Prediction & Stats




An early game for us against Arsenal today, so for all of you with heavy eyelids and even heavier hangovers right now, have a look at the game’s prediction and stats from the brilliant Kick-off.co.uk. It’ll gear you up for the game better than any hair of the dog remedy!… Read More

Why FA Sanctions Are A Total FArce

So, the kangaroo court has had its day – well ok, they dragged it out for 4 days in the end – but it still ended with them dishing out the inevitable ban we all knew was coming John Terry’s way. … Read More

Rio Recall? Don’t Do It Roy!

So, John Terry retires from international football and literally within minutes people are asking whether Rio Ferdinand will get a recall. What I don’t understand though is why?… Read More

CHELSEA 6-0 Wolves: Match Report (In Brief)

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CHELSEA v Wolves: Capital One Cup Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge

Date: Tuesday, 25 September

Kick-off: 19.45 GMT



We might be the FA Cup holders and Champions of Europe but it’s been a while since we’ve won the League Cup.  In fact, we haven’t even made it as far as the quarter-finals for the past 4 seasons and given our ability to completely tune out of games for long periods lately, that’s a trend that may continue unless we turn up for the full 90 minutes tonight.… Read More

JT Makes The Right Decision, Will The FA?

John Terry has undoubtedly made the odd poor decision in his time (haven’t we all) but his decision to retire from international football yesterday was absolutely spot on. … Read More