Di Matteo heaps praise on Oscar as Mikel apologises

It was a mixed night for Chelsea in the Champions League last night as they threw away a 2-0 lead to draw with Juventus at Stamford Bridge.

The night began so well, the Champions League trophy was paraded in front of the crowd before Brazilian superstar Oscar scored two goals – the second particularly impressive – to put the home side in command.  Arguably the most crucial moment of the evening was when Juventus pulled a goal back before the break. This gave the visitors hope and made Chelsea nervous. They then equalised in the second-half, showing that they didn’t go unbeaten throughout last season for nothing.

Reflecting on the point afterwards, Roberto Di Matteo was delighted with the impact Oscar made, but disappointed with the way his team let Juventus back into the game. On home soil, this was game the Italian desperately wanted to win, while many Football Bets were placed on a Chelsea win.  Speaking about Oscar initially, the Blues boss said: “It was a great debut for Oscar. It was just the right moment for him to start the game in the Champions League.  He has been mostly away with his national team so we need a bit of time to work with him. He was perfect tonight.  He took on board the information we gave him and it was great to see we have a player like this in our ranks. He is a big talent. He has got a bit of everything. We shouldn’t forget he is still a young man but he is already well established with the Brazil team. We are lucky to have him here.”

As for the performance as a whole, Di Matteo was clearly frustrated with letting a 2-0 lead slip, as he should be. In the end, it was Juventus that looked more likely to win the game too.  Speaking about the equaliser, he continued: “I think we should have dealt with it a little bit better. We lost possession just beforehand and we should have reacted much quicker to losing the ball than we did.”

It was John Obi Mikel that gave the ball away of course and he was keen to apologise afterwards, saying: “I’m sorry about the mistake, but there are no excuses. You make a mistake, you get punished for it.”

Chelsea will have to cut out this type of mistake if they are to retain the Champions League trophy of course. Hopefully though, they will continue the decent form shown this season and win the next couple of group games. This night will then be remembered as one where a star was born and not when Chelsea dropped two crucial points.


Written by TCB reader Thomas Rooney



17 Responses to “Di Matteo heaps praise on Oscar as Mikel apologises”

  1. I hope Mikel leaves in January, it’s painful to see him play… Please bring back Romu,, he has shown so much potential. Roberto should bench him next game for making such a big mistake. Go CHELSEA !!!!!!!!

  2. the match was kan of ok bt we could at least win the match cos we had most of the ball position than juve and such mistakes should be avoided in the future up chelsea for life

  3. Mikel should stay at bench to learn a lesson from his mistakes. Players are there to do the work. Di should also looked at his midfield very well, you see that Torres cannot get balls, their short passes are very weak from that Mikel and Lampard. MIKEL YOU ARE A HELL TO CHELSEA.

  4. Let us focus on how to go back to winning ways againt stoke. Since RDM has box his selef to a coner, he must put out a fresher line up that will beat stoke and secure the maximum point. With that we can forgive all his errors against QPR and Juve.

  5. its time to drop mikel, i was hoping to see romeu playing last night. Its been proved that mikel and lampard playing in the double pivot doesn’t work. I would like to see romeu and ram playing there in the next game which free up the right side for moses or oscar to play. I would like to us go out and attack stoke next game with a lot of pace in our team.


  7. Its a pity dah u guys writing dis coments does nt have sense of humor.. He apologizd 4 wat he did nd he is human so is nt perfect dunt 4get al his best games cos of dis 1 wat abt barca? N 4 dat he-goat dah said lampard was no wre go n check d statistics of d match nd shut d hel up

  8. piazon
    mata hazard

    xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

  9. it is a nightmare to have your coach not play your best team!!
    oscar only made it due to pressure from fans;
    bertrand will soon be booed if used on the left wing,
    in fact this is a funny idea .. if it would not hurt us ;
    RDM thinks he won the CL due to this idea bertrand played there and it is now his golden eggs goose!

    RDM is trapped into it cannot get out now! even if he does it is only for the fans he does it .. he still dreams of playing bertrand in the big games last 15 min …

  10. Mikel is full of shit he is always loosing balls,he doesn’t make any impact in games,why dose Di.use him..

  11. Oscar was amazing – that second goal was phenominal! Puts it into perspective how good it was – by the fact the player he turned inside and out was Pirlo!

    Of all the summer signings he is the one who hasnt been talked about too much!

  12. What nonsense re u guys saying ?in my own opinion mikel should continue to play because it wasn’t really his fault ..hazard didn’t connect with the pass he (mikel)gave him & where were the defenders after the loose ball? I think chelsea is jst weak defensively terry is weak bring back cahil…period.

  13. Everybody is calling Mikel now that Mikel did mistake of which if you watch that game every well you will find out that the mistake came from John Terry who wanted to keep the Italian striker off without rushing for the ball then the just take the ball and made a way with it, where is Lampard in that game? nowhere to be found because he is from Emgland RDM should bench Lampard let Romeu start game even JT should have stay at the bench because he is yet to recover from his injury Cahill should have play there what is the aim to buy Moses to keep him in the bench? what of Ceacar everyone should reason and talk and leave John Obi Mikel alone he did nothing come to Torres he is nowhere to be found even if you give him ball he will waste it Chelsea should start now to look for striker like my drogba because Torres can’t fill the gap

  14. No man is perfect but mikel is fund of makin this kinda mistakes but i dont know the problem with d mateo introducing bertrand what is the essence of moses i dont know his impact playing on that left wing when you have a player like moses to fill in that position perfectly

  15. Mikel made a mistake, players do make mistakes, but he has apologized to the team and fans. Mikel is a very strong player with strength to carry out what we need in Chelsea. so i suggest that Roberto Di Matteo plays him in every match and he should also accept his apology. and that he also stop playing the likes of Mikel with frank Lampard, rather he should play Mikel with Ramires and Oscar. And he should play Victor Moses in the starting line up on our next champions league group stage and also against stock city. UP BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I said in the pre-season that we desperately needed a ‘New Makalele’, but RDM, as myopic as ever, refused to go out and buy one. Mikel and Lampard do not work as a defensive midfield combination. They’re both way too slow for one thing. And Lamps – while not a spring chicken any more – is still better suited to be an attacking midfield role. (But we’re spoiled for choice there now). And Mikel…well, Mikel is about as useful as t*ts on a bull. Okay, that’s not fair, he has his moments, but I don’t think any of us actually believe he’s the solution we need as he’s always about two passes away from giving the ball away.


    Brian M

  17. The guy knows he fucked up, don’t punish him for that. But I agree, if we are looking for a team of future put luiz up in his position. He’s got good defense that is too rash for center back, he drives forward well but doesn’t anymore and he has good forward passing.