John Terry: The Other Side

John Terry.

Yes I know, we read about him so much these days that even the most ardent Chelsea supporter must roll their eyes when they see the name in print now.  Most, if not all, of what we read about him isn’t pleasant either, in fact, google his name now and it seems to be synonymous with the word ‘racist’. It’s as if that’s all there is to him.

Of course, as Chelsea supporters we’ll see beyond personal flaws, particularly with someone like John Terry because realistically, in this age where contracts don’t seem to be worth the paper they’re written on and big-money transfers leave players’ passports stamped more times than your local drunk’s left-foot doing his best Riverdance on a Friday night, club loyalty has to be recognised.

Aside from that though, sometimes there’s a balance that needs to be redressed and given I seem to find myself in the constant position of not only defending him but also apparently needing to justify my support of him, I’ll say my piece and thereafter, anyone who questions me can jog on.

I don’t condone racism, in fact, if JT had been found guilty in court I wouldn’t be writing this piece, but he wasn’t, he was found not guilty – and whatever people want to argue to the contrary, the verdict stands. Yet still the witch hunt goes on…

At the weekend, Roberto Di Matteo almost had to explain his reasons for selecting his own captain against Arsenal, although in doing so and referring to the ‘good things’ JT does, I personally felt the ‘giving boots to kids’ example came across a little lame. For me, if I was going to talk about why John Terry still has my backing, I guess I could mention him being an ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I could talk about how active he’s been in promoting a charity set up in memory of an 11 year old boy who died from a brain tumour or his response, both on a human and financial level to the death of the London Marathon runner who tragically died raising money for others. I could even talk about how he, along with his now former England team-mates donated their time, and match fees, in support of the Bobby Moore fund. Or about the relationship he developed with a little girl he met on a plane when he spotted her Make-A-Wish badge.

Maybe I’d even think I should mention the support he’s given to Chelsea youth players, going above and beyond his role as captain to send them and their families on holidays when they’re injured or paying for driving lessons for every single player in the youth team because he remembers what it’s like to be in their boots. Or that he’d once bought a car for an old masseuse at the club whose age meant public transport would have been difficult to negotiate – and the fact that he did all this way before Roman and the sort of money he earns now.

No-one mentions any of that when they talk about John Terry though do they? Even his most ardent supporters when they defend him, will talk about what it is he gives to Chelsea rather than others. Like his passion and commitment to the club, the way he’ll throw everything at a game – including himself. The last-ditch tackles, the goal-line clearances, the unquestionable leadership that all of his previous managers pay tribute to. Even with England, Fabio Capello felt strongly enough about having JT in his side he was prepared to resign over it. Whilst Hodgson, risked the wrath of his new bosses by not only backing John Terry, but putting him straight in the side in spite of the backlash.

Jose Mourinho, when aked about him says “John Terry was the perfect captain for me, that’s the only thing I can say,” and even Pep Guardiola has called him “a true gentleman”, after JT visited the Barcelona dressing room and shook hands with every member of their playing and coaching staff after one of our controversial games. The Barça team and staff meanwhile, applauded him out of the room. Not really the way you’d expect people to respond to Britain’s Most Wanted is it?

Let’s be clear here though, irrespective of whether he’s an all round good guy or not, John Terry is Chelsea’s most successful captain.  He’s led us to 3 Premier League titles, 4 FA Cups, 2 League Cups and the Champions League (mind you, even when following a EUFA directive by collecting his medal for that in his kit, he was slated).  He’s one of only 5 players to have made over 500 appearances for us, he’s scored more goals than any defender before him at Chelsea and he’s been named UEFA Club Defender of the Year on three occasions.

Now, whilst there’s millions out there who won’t want to read any of the above about John Terry, I didn’t start this blog up to please them.  If I was writing for applause or adulation, I’d probably be a journo trolling on my twitter account instead. No, I started this blog up because I’ve always had plenty to say for myself where Chelsea are concerned – and not all of it has been pretty, particularly when it’s come to John Terry. You see, when he’s behaved like a c*ck, I’ve called him a c*ck (I’ve never pretended he’s a pillar of virtue) but then I’ve got over it and accepted that none of us are perfect.

The difference is though, when any of us f*ck up, we wouldn’t have even half of the above to defend ourselves with! Think about it.

13 Responses to “John Terry: The Other Side”

  1. Am a Negroid and I have only six words:- ‘ John Terry is not a racist”

  2. Terry is not a racist

  3. Thanx a lot for the insight on hi positives. I always knew he was a good kid, at least he tires to be. One thing I adore is his professionalism. It’s simply unparalleled. It’s sad how most of us quickly point accusing fingers at our neighbors when they slip, loosing sight of the simple truth that to err is human. JT is a living legend, regardless of what he has done.

  4. Chelsea is not a media loved club. The FA and the media always stops at nothing to make sure they exaggerate the negative side of our captain.That said, i think JT is truly a gentle man. A beast of a man who always puts his body on the line for both club and country.

  5. I keep saying England can’t win any trophy because of their segregation and over hype players. Check out Spain, I’ve never seen any rivalry in football compare to Real Madrid and Barcelona, but they’re still winning trophies when they’re combine together to play for spain. Let say he made a racial comment, which i personally don’t appreciate because I’m black. But should we kill him for that? I think he has learn his lesson(s), we should all move on and learn how to forgive even if we’re not going to forget. We still have other players taken hard drugs playing football, we also have other players sleeping with their younger brothers wife and so on, but we still move on. We can’t judge them for that because we’re not God…let us move on and stop all this nonsense because none of our blood can wash away their SINS so why judging them? FA have done their best, so lets move on.

  6. Congratulations! Very Good! I am Barziliam. I Love Chelsea, I Respect JT! Not racist,never!

  7. John Terry is d BEST Leader England hv ever produce. He is nt what ever FA call or want him T be called. FA should correct dere own error b4 correcting others.

  8. Jt is nt a racist fuck the fa

  9. Couldnt say more myself, very insightful post. Sometimes i feel that fans view the football world in complete isolation to the real world, and that is not the case. John Terry is not perfect, by any means, but im sure he has touched more hearts in a good way in his lifetime than in a bad way.

  10. JT. Captain.leader.legend. No matter what the media.scrotes like the ferdinands say. Been an arse.sure . . Who hasnt . . Still best centre back iv seen at bridge ..

  11. thank you for this good write up on jt. i am an african and will not accept any one calling me name’s because of my colour. not withstanding i respect and like jt because he is a leader, and a good person. he has been playing futball with my country men(mikel) and others none of them has ever complained about jt calling them names. the fa should as themselves what did anton said first befor jt reacted the way he. they are just witch hunting jt for no good reason. england will be the loser’s at the if care is not taking. up jt.

  12. This is only the 2nd balanced article I have read on the whole saga. Like all us John Terry is not perfect, and should not be judged on one statment said in the heat of a very tense game. He will learn from this and be even better. He will always have suport because he is the best.

  13. That is the bit I do not get and I guess simply because people are just looking to lynch him so any excuse will do really. This is someone who has been playing for a while with and against black players for over 10 years at both club and country level and suddenly he is racist. I don’t get it. Shame on all this mob, cos that is what they are. By the way, can anyone come up with a list of what the Ferdinands have done? A family consumed with jealousy and envy, simply because you are left out of the English team. Irony of it all is the reference to Cole as choc ice and all these over a statement made that the so called offended did not hear. To other players out there who may find themselves provoked, wear something to cover your lips/mouth.