JT & Cole: Justice Or Vengeance?

How is it that in a court of law John Terry came away with a not guilty verdict against a charge of a racially aggravated public order offence and yet the press can still label him a ‘racist’ and get away with it?

How is it also that he’s then subsequently charged by the FA with using “abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour” with the further charge that he is alleged to have “included a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race of Anton Ferdinand”, the FA Commission ban him yet explicitly state (repeatedly) “It is accepted by everyone involved in the criminal and disciplinary proceedings that Mr Terry is not a racist” – and yet, the press continue to not only label him a ‘racist’ in print but also continue to get away with it?

When one of our players says something derogatory about the FA on Twitter – retracting it and apologising unreservedly within hours – these paragons of virtue are so outraged, they’re calling for him to be banned from doing his job. And yet, they can use their positions to persistently harass individuals (and their employers), with libelous headlines and statements, and get away with it?

John Terry has answered the charges against him, both on a legal and professional level, and after extremely protracted investigations he’s come out of it with a not guilty verdict in court, a 4 match ban for his club and an enforced retirement for his country. Somehow though, that’s not enough for the press who’ve climbed back on their bandwagon seeking further retribution by way of his public hanging dismissal.

They haven’t even stopped at that though, through their sensationalised headlines and column inch character assassinations, they’re calling on Chelsea supporters to turn their backs on both John Terry and Ashley Cole, and for Chelsea FC to sack the pair of them. I have to say that bearing in mind the evidence from both in court was regarded as sufficiently acceptable to return a verdict of not guilty, it would be an interesting disciplinary policy that supported the sacking of either of these extremely valuable assets. As for the suggestions that Chelsea supporters should turn their backs on two players without whose passion, drive and commitment on the field wouldn’t have had the good fortune to be a part of even half of Chelsea’s achievements to date, well, let’s just say I can’t see it happening.

Let’s be clear here, these people seeking such a penalty for our players, are part of establishments who conveniently let racial tweets about one of those players (and the nominal fine applied to it) slip under their radar because going after the player responsible for that transgression clearly didn’t sit with their agenda. These people so morally outraged by our player’s use of the word ‘twat’ also happen to be part of establishments who appeared ever so slightly less outraged with David Cameron’s use of the same word on national radio. Although to be fair, he’s just the country’s Prime Minister and not a professional football player.

The headlines shout about ‘John Terry and Ashley Cole Shaming England’ and yet the point these headline writers miss is the part they play in bringing shame on this country. Let’s not forget these are the very same people, who, given a poorer performance from England in the absence of certain players, will gladly conjure up something equally derogatory to pen about England and its current management. The hypocrisy, at every stage of this saga over the past year, has known no bounds.

If the press agenda really was to help in the fight against racism in football, then fine, I’m all for that. I still believe – as do the court and the FA remember – that John Terry is no racist. Whether in response to provocation, response to what he believed was an accusation, in the heat of the moment, or not though, John Terry used 3 words that together, in an aggressive manner can be interpreted (and in this case misinterpreted) as racist. That was unacceptable and has been duly dealt with – or so I’d believed. Of course, the FA should, and as it turned out could (since they chose to ignore the court’s verdict anyway) have dealt with it at the time and football could then have moved on with clearer, more constructive guidance for club’s and their players to move forward with.

That, as we know, didn’t happen though. The FA pussy-footed about, allowing the CPS to step in and the media to turn it into a witch-hunt, the scale of which we’ve never seen and hopefully will never see in this country again. Clearly, this wasn’t therefore, the press simply adding their weight to the ‘Kick It Out’ campaign because if they genuinely wanted to do that, there’d be far more constructive and far less damaging ways for them to do that both before, and after, this incident.

The FA likewise, with swift action, could have taken a stand against each and every incidence equally – they didn’t. Instead, they elected to pick and choose whose evidence would be accepted unchallenged and whose would require cross-examination, raising questions about their disciplinary proceedings. They also chose to subject, and subsequently punish, one player involved in disciplinary proceedings for the use of “abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour”, whilst failing to provide an explanation for the complainant – who also admitted a breach of this rule – not having to answer for his own actions. To add further insult to injury though, they even went on to fine the ‘victim’s’ brother the sum of £45,000 in a ‘secret hearing’ for a clearly racist tweet referring to Ashley Cole as a choc-ice – a tweet they preferred to regard as ‘improper’ rather than one carrying racial connotations. Yet, issued a £220,000 fine in addition to a 4 match ban for the use of 3 words found – in a court of law – not to have been said with racist intent.

Such inconsistencies can not only serve to confuse the issue further but also leave the FA wide open to questions regarding discriminatory practice and more importantly, in no way does it address the issue supposedly at the heart of this storm. And whilst Chelsea FC are being called upon by the press and the public by the way, not by football’s governing body, to take action in excess of that already taken, what’s not clear is the how and why?

As far as Ashley Cole’s tweet is concerned, the club have already issued a fine with the suggestion that internal action will be taken but as far as any questions raised by the Commission regarding his evidence, since the evidence was deemed acceptable in a court of law and the FA’s 63 page report – almost a year and potentially hundreds of headlines after the event – is as incompatible with a fair hearing as you’re likely to get, I fail to see what a club presumably accepting of a not guilty verdict in court, are expected to do about it.

Likewise with John Terry, he’s been through a legal process which determined him not to be racist. He’s been through the FA disciplinary proceedings, who, despite repeated statements accepting JT is not a racist, have issued a ban and fine for a breach of their rules. Should the club issue a fine as well? Or is that simply not regarded as enough? Maybe a public flogging would suffice? Or better still, maybe the press could tell us how Manchester United handled things when it was Rio Ferdinand making disparaging remarks of a racial nature? No?

Of course that sounds a bit tit-for-tat, and that’s not my intention here. Racism is a serious issue, it shouldn’t ever be brought down to the playground ‘he said, she said’ level – in fact, it really shouldn’t ever be something that has any bearing on the game at all, ever. Neither should bullying and harassment though and yet there seems to have been an acceptance, and worse still, a collective permission of this granted over the past year under a guise of seeking justice.

There’s a difference between seeking justice and vengeance though, so if this is about pointing the finger at what constitutes ‘bringing shame’ into the beautiful game, lets at least do it fairly.

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  1. Hey there. Firstly you have to consider that most people looking at that video of john terry, and taking into account his past behaviour, have no problem believing that he is just angrily shouting abuse at anton ferdinand.

    The second thing is that his excuse might have limped through in court, but it is clearly nonsense. He’s claiming to have one half of a two way conversation that is only happening in his head.

    Thirdly The Court was unaware of the evolution of Ashley Cole’s evidence, and had they known what the FA knew/paid attention to it, then they might have had a different view of Cole’s testimony.

    Fourthly, if you were caught on CCTV at stamford Bridge, mouthing the same sort of thing at anton ferdinand, you’d be banned for life, no excuses. Why all the effort to support terry.

    Fifthly, the FA tribunal looked at his excuse and found it too wildly improbable to believe. This implies that not only did terry lie, but Cole And the club secretary were involved in backing up that lie. You can choose to believe terry against all odds, but you must surely have questions about the actions of Cole and your secretary.

    And finally, there isn’t a witch hunt, it’s a feeding frenzy, that’s all. England’s brave John Terry has been exposed as a liar, who shouts racist abuse at opponents. Ashley cole has been indirectly accused of being a liar, and your club has been exposed as doing dodgy things in support of a man who was lying to them.

    These are huge, high profile footballers, and they’ve been caught doing something pretty awful, and Ashley Cole has taken the opportunity to once again look like an uncontrollable, unthinking fool.

    It’s unpleasant, but that’s what you have when you elevate someone with the impulse control and ego of John Terry to the position of figurehead of your club, and decide to back him no matter what.

  2. Greenmile – who ‘shouts racist abuse at opponents’? Again, sounds like libel to me considering at no point have either the outcome from the court or FA Commission suggested this was racism. That is simply something the press continue to headline and their sheep regurgitate. Not a witch hunt though…

  3. This is what the ex England Rugby Union player, Brian Mooore wrote on Twitter:

    “1. This case was about comments nobody heard or saw.
    2. Nobody, even the lip-reading experts, could properly contextualise the FBC words as they could not say whether the word ‘a’ or ‘ya’ preceded it.
    3. After a full trial and cross-examination on oath JT was found not guilty; there is not verdict of not proven.
    4. The FA got round their Rule 6.8, which requires them to accept the verdicts and matters of fact from previous civil or criminal hearings in two ways.
    5. They widened the ambit of the charge.
    6. They introduced ‘new’ evidence which they say was ‘clear and convincing’
    7. That evidence was neither, part of it being an uncorroborated, hearsay comment of an un-named pitch side reporter used in a newspaper article. Whatever your opinion of JT, were this sort of thing to go on in employment proceedings against you, you would complain bitterly.
    8. The FA procedures that allow it to not apply the normal rules of evidence allows this sort of evidence and it is wholly inappropriate in serious cases like this.
    9. The FA found JT was not a racist.
    10. All this, and I am aware that many had made their mind up about JT whatever the evidence, comes down to one essential point – if you make a racially based insult does that automatically make you racist, irrespective of the fact that it is made after what the FA stated was ‘extreme provocation by the wholly inappropriate behaviour of Mr. Ferdinand?’
    11. I believe it is, though it is still not acceptable.
    12. As with Luiz Suarez, I do not believe JT is a racist. If you look at the proper definition of that word no player, especially a captain or leader of the line, could play for years within a multi-cultural environment as exists at most EPL clubs. In both cases scores of statements from players and managers of all creeds and colour stated that neither player was racist.
    13. The Ferdinand (Rio) and Terry feud goes back at least 8 years and was influential in what happened after the game.
    14. I maintain there was not sufficient evidence to found either charge; just watching the video and making your own mind up without hearing the evidence and expert evidence is, in my opinion, not the way to judge matters and I suspect that many did so because they do not like JT in general.
    15. All that said, what JT said was wrong and should not have been said; he should apologise fully and accept the ban and fine.
    16. The FA, EPL, PFA and POGMOL have made the Respect campaign a sick joke. That the panel were prepared to find that if JT’s comments had not been said as an insult that they would have been ok and the fact that AF’s behaviour is deemed acceptable is disgraceful. They already have the power to stop this but do not have the will or conscience.
    17. Ashley Cole, despite being one of Arsenal, Chelsea and England best and most consistent players over a decade, is an intellectually-challenged yoof and needs to grow up and shut up.”

  4. John Terry may or may not be a racist. “F*cking Black c*nt” is still racist abuse however. What the FA tribunal found was that John Terry was not a racist, but that in the heat of the moment he shouted racist abuse at anton ferdinand, and then he tried to cover it up.

    Now not everyone accepts that distinction. There are a lot of people who think that anyone who shouts racist abuse is at least a little bit of a racist. I mean otherwise why shout racist abuse? For a lot of people shouting racist abuse is completely unimaginable, and they judge those that do harshly.

    There are plenty of things you could shout at anton ferdinand, circulating around his mediocrity, his living in the shadow of his more talented older brother etc. Why the hell would you pick Black?

    There’s clearly something not right there, particularly if that’s immediately where he goes when he’s angry and loses control.

  5. Fair play to you mind you. There are very few chelsea bloggers writing about terry on Newsnow.

  6. The press told Terry and Cole that if they used press-castrating European Super-Injunctions to silence them, the media would finish their careers. This came from the very top, under orders of the publishers themselves. You don’t cross Murdoch and co and attempt to use a euro silencing method that would be disastrous for the tabloids if accepted in the UK. The players are on-going examples to anyone, everywhere, that the Brirish press will not allow the use of the Super-Injunction in this country. No sportsman has used one since, having seen the example they have madeof Terry. Terry is the main target as he refused to halt his own Super-Injunction but it was overturned by the English court and that let the press begin their campaign, every editor doing their duty to bring the man down. Cole then abandoned his own Super-Injunction, but that only half-saved him. He’s been walking on egg shells since.
    There is no doubt about this and it’s well-known in football and media circles, and by Terry and Chelsea. Terry in particular cannot win. The press has all the power, not least because its rabble of a readership is gullible and common, which in the end gives the press its power to create hysteria.

  7. Cole was interviewed by the FA. The FA lady who conducted the interview did not make an audio recording (as they did with everyone else’s statement). She then sent the resulting “statement” (of her making, compiled from her notes), to Cole via CFC, for agreement to the content and signature. AT THAT POINT, in discussion with the club who were also sent a copy, Cole told the club secretary that he used the term “B-word” rather than “black” in the interview. The club secretary then informed the FA that rather than use “B-word” they should amend it to the full word, in the same way as if they’d said “F-word”, that would be shown in full in the actual document, while not necessarily having been said it in the full form the interview. For THIS, the FA has seen an opportunity to put a question mark against that part of the evidence, simply to deflect from suggestions there is not sufficient difference in the evidence to re-try Terry to justify their action. Very simple, Very devious. Very sad.

  8. Because they r chelsea united players wouldt get this crap, and i can see how a social networking site as owt to do with footy, if i said the FA are scum and which im not lying they cant ban me or they cant touch me so why should it be different for ashley, the media are involved well to much what he does in his personal life is his buisness. There needs to be boundaries on what they can do and publish, and prople should have the right to sue these people, labeling JT a racist when he was cleared of that is slander isnt it?? And they shud be prosicuted for that. Im quite sick of hearing it, i walked down street other day and a guy knew i was a chelsea fan and started shouting things at me telling me JT needed a bullet in the head, bit far. The FA need sorting because they are not above the law, and what happened to free speech an the right to voice your opinion, o yea u can as long as its not at the FA

  9. Didnt rio ferdinand make a comment to ashley cole, that if JT had iaed it would have been racist. T

  10. Greenmile – I would imagine the lack of JT-related articles on NewsNow has little to do with a lack of support for him and a lot to do with supporters being sick and tired of ‘racist’ allegations being wrongly levelled at them as well as the captain of their club.
    For me though, irrespective of the ignorance I’ll have to put up with for writing these articles, there’s a principle here – this vendetta stopped being about kicking racism out of football and started being all about putting the boot in to selected players, a long time ago.

  11. Sir Cecil – good point about the super injunctions, I’d completely missed that connection

  12. There’s also a shortage of articles with people being disgusted at terry using racist language, and with not being man enough to admit it instead of dragging the entirety of football through this bullshit. Where are the articles accusing him of not being fit to captain chelsea? And where are the blogs demanding that he make an apology?

    There has to be plenty of chelsea fans out there that are disgusted with terry, and want little more to do with him.

  13. Just how bad was what JT said, as Anton didnt make the first complaint it was a fan showing people, so he obviously wasnt offened that much, he didnt say anything to the referee, and no way is JT a racist, he wouldnt be in the chelsea team if he was, cole ramires mikel sturridge moses drogba anelka none of those thought so. And didnt he help out with drogbas charity back in ivory coast, well to me that doesnt sound a racist

  14. Greenmile – surely for that to have happened there’d have needed to be a guilty verdict or the suggestion from either the court or the FA that JT was believed to be racist? You see otherwise what we’d be (along with everyone else who chooses to judge him on the say so of someone whose brother has an 8 year argument with JT) would be judgemental band wagon hoppers.
    With the not guilty verdict returned and even the FA repeatedly stating they do not believe JT to be racist – why on earth would we want him out? Because he used a really poor choice of words/language? Indeed he did, the article makes that plain enough and we can hold our hands up, accept there was wrongdoing and voice that opinion without the need to seek exaggerated consequences for it.
    We’ll leave that bit to those who sit in their glass houses.

  15. Greenmail you unfortunately are a hypnotised idiot getting your chain pulled by a vengeful media out to get Terry and Cole — these are the same people who routinely address the FA in the terms used by Cole yet feel free to moralise about him.
    As for the super injunction issue that is clearly at the bottom of it — as is the persistent anti chelsea campaign waged from the Liverpool ex players lounge — the endless claims that Baines is as good as Cole despite the fact he’s never even played Cl football — the entire thing is a circus for simple minded idiots like Greenmail and yes my son I support chelsea and I know a lynch mob when I see one — Bankers are forgiven for ruining lives and looting companies footballers are hung out to dry for supposedly not being ‘moral examples’. What a fucking country!

  16. Buddha9 is correct, but it is a waste of energy trying to be fair-minded. The press is not answerable to anyone – they can call the England manager anything they like without fear of sanction, while lambasting a player for saying something extremely mild in comparison.The press has a constant record of twisting press conference interviews and focusing on non-football issues. The FA gives them carte blanche. Until the FA and the clubs stand up to the press in a unified way and demand that press conferences be ENTIRELY LIMITED TO FOOTBALL MATTERS under penalty of loss of accreditation, the leeches of the press will continue to suck the blood of players and clubs. Let the press be free to write what they want, but it’s time to ensure that those attending press conferences on club premises behave under house rules and report accurately what clubs say. As it is, a press conference called to speak about a specific game is derailed by reporters asking about entirely different matters. That is NOT their right. It’s like a reviewer going to a pess conference about the launch of a new play and asking questions only about a different play altogether. The press is running riot over the game that feeds them and it’s time they were put in their place.

  17. Well since it was quite clear from some of the weekend’s headlines that part of their agenda was to get something that’s remained out of their control thus far, i.e. a response from RA, I suggest he gives them that response, by way of a ban from the club they persistently try to bring down.

  18. Greenmile, there are plenty of rival fans that are disgusted by the FA..if Terry had been found guilty by a court of law I daresay a lot of Chelsea fans might change their views. But he was’nt found guilty by the law of the land and thats good enough for me..The FA’s kangaroo court is a joke. It charges one for abusive language and not another. Ashley Cole was correct. I and 99% of Chelsea fans stand four square behind our captain. I hope he appeals and sues and I hope Chelsea challenge the chinless wonders from the FA

  19. In fairness, what does the court case have to do with it? John Terry was found not guilty of breaching the public order act. He was also charged with breaking the FA’s rules, which are a different offence, by a different body, that used a different burden of proof to find ascertain his guilt. This isn’t unique to terry. Anytime any footballer does something on the Pitch that the Police want to have a word with them about, the FA as a rule also has their own investigation into it. .
    A not guilty verdict in the court doesn’t change the fact that there is a video of John Terry angrily shouting racist abuse at anton ferdinand. Why hide behind the court. Make your own moral judgements. Terry Behaved appallingly. He’s going to be banned now because he couldn’t control himself.

    Maybe the time has come for Chelsea fans to take a long hard look at his behaviour and the way he treats the club and the fans. I mean look at what he did? Why would you back a player like that? He may have been a great player in the club’s history, but he’s an awful specimen of humanity.

  20. Mr. Greenmile has obviously no idea of the amount of work (and money) John Terry has given to children’s causes (of all races and religions) in this country and how much he has contributed to the Ivory Coast’s children, via Didier Drogba’s initiatives. I am tempted to wager that the “awful specimen of humanity” (which Mr. Greenmile calls Terry) has done more and will do far, far, far more for the benefit of black kids around the world than Mr. Greenmile and all his family, friends and acquaintances combined will ever do.

  21. Greenmile’s probably a northern supporting southern dwelling armchair fan…..

    The FA dudes had no choice…they had to find him guilty regardless of any court case…..they f..ked up, they let it drag on an on…encouraged the press to run with it……and if they found him not guilty….hell would break loose and half of them would have had to resign???
    What would you have done to cover your incompetence…probably the same thing??
    The FA will destroy football in England and the fans will sit by and do nothing….
    Keep overpaying them all……and watch it slip away!

  22. Ah come on, you’re not going to play the charity card the week after the Jimmy Saville revelations are you? The point here is not to link the two, but just to point out that lots of people give to charity for lots of different reasons. It’s difficult to be england captain for instance without doing lots of stuff for charity. It’s part of the territory.

    And I don’t care how much money he donates to charity, he still shouted racist abuse at another player, got caught on camera, and instead of admitting his mistake, he came up with some bullshit to try and wriggle out of it. He seemingly involved another player and the club in spinning his web of bullshit. He’s not a very nice man.

    Also you seem to forget that John Terry lives his life in the full glare of the media spotlight. We see a huge amount of what he gets up to. Whether it is drunkenly taunting distraught americans stranded by 9/11, parking in a disabled parking space, showing news of the world journalists around the chelsea training ground for cash, selling his England captains box to touts, or just all those times when people refuse to shake his hand.

    Or is it talking all the time about leadership, and then losing control in the nou camp, booting alexis sanchez up the arse, and deserting his teammates at the most important point of the season. I don’t what is worse, his one-man attempt to throw the cl semi final, or then insulting all of our intelligence by lying to geoff shreeves about what we’d all just seen, multiple times. from multiple different angles.

    Or is it turning up to lift the CL trophy, in playing kit, boots and shinpads? At least we all got to see Jose Bosingwa stepping in front of him as he lifted the cup with lampard.

  23. Show us film or audio of him lying to Shreeves about the Barcelona sending off. Let’s see or hear it. You don’t think Shreeves is an amateur who doesn’t record his interviews do you? You think he walks around a stadium with his hands in his pockets having unrecorded chats with players over key issues in the game?
    So point me to the evidence of what you say. Back up your lies you have regurgitated, or I call you “liar”.

    As for being in kit at the Final, I would have thought someone with such an eye for detail as you, would have noticed that EVERY Chelsea player who was suspended for the Final wore their full kit as a show of solidarity and respect for their roles in the Cup run. So why not tell us what jerks Ivanovich, Ramires, Meireles etc were, for doing the exact same thing? Of course, unlike you, when I say this, there is proof of it. Take a look at the photos of the post-Final celebrations. If Terry was really trying to stand out, he would have worn a suit just to be different. But he just did what EVERYONE ELSE did.

    And Terry raised money for charity by offering club tours which he would personally conduct and give up his time for, without keeping a penny for himself.
    Do you think he carried the tours out after dark so no-one would know? The club said everything was above board.
    And in any case, he didn’t show News of the World reporters around the club. He simply told the crooks (who were so crooked the paper no longer exists) that a tour could be arranged and the cost. DO YOU REALLY THINK HE WAS DESPERATE FOR CASH AND HAD WORKED OUT CLANDESTINE TOURS FOR WHEN THE CLUB WAS SHUT? If so, you are an ignoramus. Well, I think that anyway, but that’s not for me to say.

    The airport business was when he was 21-year old. It speaks volumes that you still recall it. Do you recall all the other players involved?

    And he parked illegally one day did he? Terrible!

    As for the “charity card”, your response about Jimmy Saville shows you to be willing to talk any rubbish merely for the sake of it. If he was still alive, you could go on “Jim’ll Fix It” and he’d have arranged a brain transplant for you.

  24. Surely the lads now that whatever they do is going to be in the public eye at the moment why couldnt Ash just keep it quiet! You know the FA will throw the book at him!

  25. Greenmile I’m fully aware of the Fa hearing and a court hearing. But the law of the land is the rules old son, the Fa hearing doe’snt mean anything, if you look at Brian Moore@s bullet points in an earlier post, he says or words similar “nobody, not even a lip reading expert could tell if was an a or ya” So how can you? Ferdinand has said he verbally abused Terry so where’s his charge? And comparing Terry (who was cleared by a court of law of any wrong doing,a fact and I aint hiding) to Saville is so so sad, . JT….appeal and sue for deflammation, Chelsea fc…sue for restraint of trade or whatever!!!

  26. Let me also point out Greenmail that the news of the world set up his dad — his father for fucks sake — for coke dealing in a case the presiding judge called a case of clear entrapment — also that 3 of the papers who published stuff about him and bridge’s ex girlfriend ended up apologising to avoid libel though you wouldn’t have noticed because it was on page 65 — u really need to start thinking for yourself man!

  27. And the FA witch hunt against Chelsea continues…now they are after Ashley Cole for telling the truth – next they will get their media bandwagon to try and make Chelsea fans hate Terry and Cole…they wont stop till they have destroyed the career of our captain and the best left-back in the world…pathetic piece of bullshit! The FA is as corrupt and as lousy as FIFA and UEFA and I for one will never support them again after this fiasco.

    Finding someone guilty for the sake of satisfying the PC brigade…making
    up rules as they pass judgement on people’s character based on bullshit evidence. They prosecute people with a panel of judges paid for by the FA. They dont cross examine witnesses, they play around with lip readers and use youtube clips as evidence…they use Terry’s Barcelona red card as evidence….FA – THE KANGAROO COURT OF THE WORLD….fuck off…you are as Ashley says – a bunch of twats…nothing less

  28. The media really need to take a look at themselves and study the FA ‘independent” panel’s findings more closely. There is absolutely no evidence that Ashley Cole’s evidence evolved. The panel have come to this conclusion to enable them to find Terry guilty. Cole gave evidence to an FA official who took his statement down in bullet points, she did not tape nor take contemporaneous notes. The interview was to discuss what Ashley Cole had heard on the pitch. Cole said he had heard a ‘B” word but wasn’t sure exactly what the word was. The discussion was clearly about whether the word was “black.” Cole wasn’t sure what the word was but said it may have been “Bridge”. A few days later Cole received a draft copy of his statement from the FA. Upon reading the draft Cole felt it did not make clear that he thought the “B” word could have been ‘black” or “Bridge.” He asked for this to be made clear and signed the one and only original statement. He never changed his story.

  29. First off, I am black and proud. But I do not get it, it seem that the offensive part of the spoken words (regardless of intent) is “black”. Going by Anton’s complexion, if he is a f*c***g c**t, will he be a white one or a black one. Talk about stating the obvious or is he Albino, cos he doesn’t look all black to me.

  30. Greenmile – couple of points. The article, at no point, suggests he didnt break FA rules, in fact it acknowledges that. My issue is firstly that people continue to call him racist (and get away with it) when this has been proven as not the case. My second issue is that since AF also breached FA rules, the fact he has not also been charged is clear discrimination.
    Oh and on the ‘turning up in full kit’ thing – I’m guessing you arent aware (since it was kept very quiet by the press who enjoyed the battering he took for it) – this is actually required according to a FIFA directive.

  31. Yeah Chelsea D, I agree with that kit bullshit. Every other Chelsea player who was suspended including Meireles, Ramires and Ivanovic were all in their full kits and also their national flags draped around them. As the captain of Chelsea, I dont see whats the big deal with our captain getting to lift the trophy. Its not as if he didnt have a part in our run to the final. He only missed the final and a large chunk of the second leg of the semi final. Another stick with which to beat JT. I for one am tired of all this bullshit.

  32. It interesting that the Journalist can talk the talk in their condemnation of JT and Ashley Cole.

    Yet for an industry that says it speaks for the people it’s interesting to note that it doesn’t seem to have a problem ensuring that very few ethnic minority sportswriters make the grade within it’s ranks. Now wouldn’t that make an interesting story hinged around the subtle racism that is employed by this industry.

    As for making impromptu statements least we forget that a certain tabloid newspapers recently apologized for it’s condemnation of the Hillsborough 92. Guess we couldn’t ask for that newspaper to be banned and fined by the governing body. Another aspect of the story that still needs to be aired.

  33. Greenmile, you’re a fool