Chelsea the favourites to sign Falcao

It seems as though Chelsea are the front-runners to land Atletico Madrid hot-shot Radamel Falcao, as it has come out that the Spanish club are in need of the cash.  However, Blues fans are not likely to see the Colombian international heading to Stamford Bridge until next summer, as Atletico are not prepared to let him go in the middle of the season.

It is thought that they will be asking for a fee in the reign of €60, which would help them out a great deal and help them with the vast amount of debt they are in right now.  The general manager of Atletico said:”The €60m for Falcao would immediately remove Atletico’s economic problems,  But Falcao will carry on here, certainly until the end of the season. If Atletico don’t get into the Champions League or we can’t afford to pay Falcao then I don’t think even Real Madrid could cover that.”

Falcao himself has hinted at a move to either one of Chelsea or Real Madrid in the past and with Real not showing much interest at the moment, Roberto Di Matteo could land one of the most exciting and prolific strikers in the game.  The 26-year-old is currently on eight goals in the Spanish top flight this campaign, which puts him level with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, something that does not happen unless you are a very good player.

It would certainly be exciting to see just what he could do in the Premier League, especially alongside the quality players already at the Bridge. There is not a great deal of competition for places up-front, with Fernando Torres being almost guaranteed a spot in the starting eleven.

Falcao and Torres could certainly work well together, or battle it out for the lone striker position that Di Matteo seems to like playing. The same applies to the tactics at of course, there a lots of options available – but which will be taken?

It may cost a fair bit to bring in the Atletico man, but he would be worth every penny and as long as he keeps scoring goals this season, he will be a valuable addition to a Chelsea squad that are capable of achieving great things in both Domestic and European competitions.


Written by TCB reader Thomas Rooney

18 Responses to “Chelsea the favourites to sign Falcao”

  1. Not sure why there seems to be a plug for a casino shoehorned into the article. Smooth…

  2. For that amount we dnt need falcao bcos more than falcao in torres..

  3. It will be very wonderful Team, to have two world Fernando Torres and ramedal Falcao, Fc Chelsea will be at higher rank of the World. You are welcome Falcao!

  4. Moses, no wonder you could not get Israel to the promised land. Falcao is light years ahead of this current form Torres. Name the skill; holding the ball, heading, running at defenders, scoring with both power and guile or being a supporting player – Falcao (the falcon) swoops past Torres in high style.

  5. Get him, no need to waste time RDM. Goal scoring machine Falcao

  6. Chelsea should deffinetly buy him. If Chelsea wants to win the champions league and the premier leauge this or next season, then we need a player like falcao!!

  7. Di Matio pls help me get dat guy falcao bcz dnt rely on Torres only Torres he can do it pls any amount help us get it pls.

  8. Falcao will be d best signing of RDM bcos torres lack goal nd falcao is d best option

  9. chelsea shld get him we did a player and goal scorer like him. He is a true replacement for my great drogba.the blues miss u RDM shld get him for us since we missed out on hulk.

  10. Rdm,pls buy Remy nd ramadal falcao as a strike wil need dem seriously.up chel,up blue.

  11. I believe chelsea wont wait till summer, he will join the blues come January..

  12. I still have faith in Torres. Falcao would harm that. One or the other in my opinion

  13. I agree. I think torres would feel threatend if falcao came to Chelsea.
    If he does come to Chelsea next season, maybe di matteo should look into having a formation with two strikers. Maybe a 4-2-2-2??

  14. Ho care’s about Torres what we won’t is somebody that will deliver our Team,Torres is not giving us what we won’t but with FaIcao chelsea can win Epl and cpl this year up blues

  15. I think Torres cant play second fiddle as when he does he plays awful.

    Euro and world cup he was second to Villa – and was awful.
    Lfc – was second to no-one and was awesome
    Chelsea 2011 – second to Drogba and was awful
    Chelsea 2012 – pretty much first choice and so much better than last year!

  16. I won’t beg him to buy the best striker (FALCAO) because he almost got his job in a tensed state when the young man thought him how to score hattricks. So RMD , get him and try to pair him with Torres , if it doesn’t work then rotate the team but never bench him . Welcome FALCAO

  17. Pls Di matio we no need to wast tim any more facao is a man dat we cn tros pls get him for us,It is only a foo who wil see a road ad make his way into d bush so Di matio if u no how to pound u better pound on d moter dan on the ground.

  18. Pls is time we tell our self de truth pls get me FALCAO in dat team if u can cus I know torres can’t do de job alone pls