Chelsea Injury Update: John Terry – And Why It’s Not All Good News


Well, the replays and stills we saw might not have pointed to it Sunday but it seems John Terry’s injury doesn’t look to be anything too serious after all with a statement on the club’s website saying “Today’s MRI scans on John Terry’s right knee thankfully show no significant damage to the cruciate ligaments.  Chelsea Football Club’s medical team will conduct further tests over the next two or three days once the swelling has subsided to determine how long John will be out, but it will be a matter of weeks not months.”

It seems the best estimates so far have JT out anywhere from 2-6 weeks although right now even having our captain out for a couple of weeks is something we could well do without.  He might not exactly be in his prime career-wise and I accept we do need to consider what’ll happen when he can’t play for us anymore but right now, quite frankly we need him.

Before his ban we were having an easy time of it in the Premier League, we had a comfortable 4-1 win against Norwich and a 4-point gap at the top of the table. I know our fixtures have maybe been a bit tougher since then, we’ve been busy domestically and in Europe, not to mention having refs to contend with as well but I’m still not convinced it’s coincidence his absence has coincided with a bit of a blip for us.

Even when he went off Sunday after his run-in with Suarez, there was a change in our game. We all know what John Terry gives the players is leadership, whether that’s during a game when they’ve taken their foot off the pedal or during a poor run of results. We saw what happened in the league after the United game – maybe psychologically still carrying some sense of ‘what’s the point?’ after Clattenburg’s decisions, we went on to draw against Swansea and wipe out any breathing space we’d had. And whilst his goal against Liverpool Sunday might have been the pick-up the team needed, his early departure clearly did nothing to sustain their momentum.

So, with West Brom, Man City and Fulham in the next couple of weeks, with Juventus in the middle, for me, we couldn’t have picked a worse time to lose John Terry.

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