Chelsea’s Busiest Recruit?

Ok, I appreciate Eva Carneiro has her attributes as a physio but is it necessary for the club to keep her quite so busy?

She’s already got Oriol Romeu on the books for six months following his knee surgery and John Terry with a bruised bone in his knee. The weekend saw Petr Cech added to them two and he’ll be getting Eva’s attention for two to three weeks after suffering Abductor trouble against Everton.

Was it really necessary then to opt for a striker with a chronic knee problem to add to her workload? Apparently it was, because according to reports, in their eagerness to register Demba Ba in time for Saturday’s FA Cup tie against Southampton, Chelsea will insist he undergoes a medical. The Newcastle striker didn’t train yesterday after we’d met his buy-out clause of £7m and if we manage to register him before Friday lunchtime’s deadline, Eva can expect a busy time ahead.

As if that’s not enough for her already though, Yossi Benayoun has returned from his spell on loan with West Ham – a loan spell hampered by injury! So after just six games for them it’ll be back to Eva’s couch and a cosy chat with his former Liverpool boss about his future.

I’m sure they’ll all be delighted to spend some time with her though!

5 Responses to “Chelsea’s Busiest Recruit?”

  1. One more addition to that injury list and we may have to consider getting her a male assistant who is also into body building to dissuade this chronic desire to have her attend to them.

  2. daftest article ever

  3. Indeed she needs an assistant but i can’t hear her complain or is she.

  4. ay – lighten up!

  5. Essien you forgot to add may be you have accepted hes good as unavailable.. 😉