Man City 2-0 CHELSEA: So much for bridging the gap!

Another day and another soul destroying game to endure, except this time we didn’t sneak any late goals to paper the cracks with. Did I say cracks? Of course I meant gaping great chasms! I honestly haven’t got it in me to rake through the debris, so here’s a few who can:

Match report comes from the official CFC

There’s match analysis from Sportsmole

Opposition opinion comes from give us their player ratings

And if you really want to suffer it again, Caughtoffside have the highlights and goals

3 Responses to “Man City 2-0 CHELSEA: So much for bridging the gap!”

  1. Hahahahahaha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    After the way Chelsea fans have been over the last two seasons towards Manchester City and City fans, you all deserved everything you got.

    Couldn’t believe my eyes and ears hearing Chelsea fans in their thousands insulting Manchester City, all we did was exactly what you did and you didn’t see us insulting you everyday for gaining a sugar daddy. In fact all the City fans I know supported Roman’s takeover, if only to watch United have their nose bent out of place.

    You Chelsea fans and your mouhty players deserve no respect from us anymore.

  2. city prick, how many titles have you won, how many champs league have you won. you talk muppet talk

  3. muppet blue, what are you doing on a chels blog page, i reckon your a closet chels fan