Chelsea: The Only ‘I’ Is In Interim

I was reading some sensationalised nonsense about the England game and Rio Ferdinand yesterday morning.  As ever, the journalist’s answer to Piers Morgan was trying his best at some attention seeking controversy and I honestly thought I couldn’t see anything quite as painfully embarrassing again – until our game.… Read More

Southampton v CHELSEA: Preview








Venue: St Mary’s Stadium

Date: Saturday, 30 March,

Kick-off: 15:00 GMT

The first of two games this Bank Holiday weekend sees us up against Southampton in the league. Maybe not a game we’d usually be worried about, particularly since we’ve already beat them 5-1 in the FA Cup this year – but then that was before they fought back from 2-0 behind to take a point off us at Stamford Bridge in the same month.… Read More

Southampton v CHELSEA: Prediction & Stats

It might be the Easter Bank Holiday but there’s no rest for the wicked…….and the wicked are back with the stats for today’s game. Click hereRead More

CHELSEA v West Ham: Preview









Venue: Stamford Bridge

Date: Sunday, 17 March

Kick-off: 16.00 GMT

Ok, after a win in the Europa League midweek on the back of a spirited fight-back to get a draw against United in the FA Cup, it’s back to the bread and butter of the Premier League and more than a bit of a battle to get ourselves into the sort of position we’ve become used to in recent years.… Read More

CHELSEA v West Ham: Prediction & Stats


I say the same thing every week, you just don’t know what Chelsea will do from one game to the next. That doesn’t stop the brilliant telling us how the stats look though. Click hereRead More

Roman’s New-found Patience: Ambivalence Or An Agenda?

I’m not really sure anymore whether I have very little to say about the goings-on at Chelsea this season, or whether I actually have so much swimming around in my head I just never know where to start – but I rarely feel motivated to write about it either way.

And yes, I’m going to blame the interim for that – and those who hired him.… Read More

Man United v CHELSEA: FA Cup Preview

Venue: Old Trafford

Date: Sunday, 10 March

Kick-off: 16.30 GMT

United. A game I’d usually feel nervous about, a game I’d be well up for – until now. Now I’m just dreading it.

Yep, more doom and gloom but let’s be honest the idea of being up against the likes of Rooney and Van Persie can’t fill many of you with confidence today either.… Read More

CHELSEA v West Brom: Preview









Venue: Stamford Bridge

Date: Saturday, 2 March

Kick-off: 15.00 GMT

It doesn’t matter who we play anymore this season, I dread games now. From our poor form, to Torres’ lack of goals we are utterly, (and woefully) predictable and we all know why.

Hang on though, because in the middle of all that doom and gloom is a tiny ray of hope.… Read More

CHELSEA v West Brom: Prediction & Stats

Ok, so the statistic we really want this afternoon is a 3rd successive departure after a West Brom game but unlike us, the brilliant stick to doing what they do best. So if you want all relevant match stats and prediction, click here.… Read More

Rafa Rant Down To Roman?

So, asked me if I’d give my opinion on this week’s temper tantrum by the interim and never being backwards at coming forwards I duly obliged. You can have a read here.Read More