A Mata Of Perspective

It honestly strikes me that some Chelsea fans want the equivalent of speed dating with managers – either its instant orgasm or they’re dumped for the next prospect.  It’s absolutely stunning how already, the very people wetting themselves over Jose Mourinho’s return are now slating him after a couple of defeats.  No doubt, these will be the very same people crawling back up his a*se as soon as we string a few results together as well.  Fickle much?

Clearly, this ‘special’ breed expected Jose to turn up and things to go exactly the same way they did in 2004/05. Reality check – it’s 2013, wake up. For a start, when Mourinho came last time, he followed Ranieri – a manager who had not only put together an awesome attacking side, he’d got them gelling as a team to such an extent they finished 2nd in the Premier League to an Arsenal side that had won the league without losing a single game.  Second time around, whilst we undoubtedly have quality in the side with the likes of Mata, Hazard, Oscar et al, realistically Mourinho has picked up a side that finished 3rd in the league and a massive 14 points behind the leaders. Yes, we might have won the Europa League a few months ago but in all honesty, that was like putting an elastoplast where a stitch was required – it was a temporary relief but no more than that.

We trusted Mourinho last time around – in fact, he was trusted, adored, in fact idolized so much that the majority wouldn’t even allow themselves to move on in his absence. We managed the double under Ancelotti, the Champions League under Di Matteo and yet, somehow the shadow of Jose Mourinho always seemed to loom large for so many.

Why? Because irrespective of any achievement in his absence, there was something missing. Irrespective of the fact Chelsea sort of pulled themselves together enough to win those trophies, both on the pitch and off, the sort of unity we experienced under Jose Mourinho never resurfaced. That ‘us against the world’ mentality, the ‘never knowing when you’re beat’ attitude and above all else under Jose Mourinho, the dogged belief that defence is absolutely the best form of attack.

So, now he wants Juan Mata to show some of that – and suddenly he’s the devil incarnate. Seriously? Yes, Mata has been our best player for the past two seasons but to be fair, Mourinho’s spot on when he says Oscar has picked up that mantle so far this season. The young Brazilian has been given a task by his new boss and he’s responded to it – Mata, is obviously struggling with the boss’ plans and we’ll just have to hope he adjusts because whilst, like everyone else, I’d love nothing more than to see Juan Mata back in the side on a regular basis there’s a part of me that accepts we relied way too heavily on him over the past two seasons. When Mata either didn’t play, or had a rare off day, so (usually) did Chelsea – consequently he’d be selected ahead of any other player in the squad, no matter how many potential number 10’s we might have. And rightly so some might say – but where would that leave some of our other young, attacking players?

Jose Mourinho has an abundance of talent and as far as I can see, he’s trying to utilise as much of that as possible, in the best way he sees – for the longer term. I certainly criticised him in the past for flogging our best players to within an inch of their boot laces, game in, game out and whilst he undoubtedly needs to decide on his best XI at some point, it has to be an XI that believe in Mourinho and what he’s trying to instil again at Chelsea.

Do we want a return to that fighting mentality we were so renowned for under Jose Mourinho’s previous leadership? Do we want every player prepared to do whatever it takes to wear the shirt? Or are we to given certain players special dispensation, wrap them in cotton wool in case we hurt their feelings and turn on the one manager who, just weeks ago, was hailed as our saviour?

I’d suggest a little less hysteria and a little more belief might be called for.

3 Responses to “A Mata Of Perspective”

  1. Agree with every word of that, I’ve actually said almost the same on a Chelsea Forum that I frequent.
    I think Jose is doing what he believes is best for the team and likely what he believes will be best for the player…hopefully an improved Mata will become indispensable to Club and Country.
    Oscar has all the attributes and is doing well, I’m certain that if Juan has Chelsea at heart and doesn’t opt for an easy way out or make this a personal feud with the manager he will be better for it.

  2. this is a very good article….all #cfc fans must read this

    take many bows as u want

  3. This your write up is very biased.Yes we love Mourinho and we trust him but that doesn’t make him perfect or is he?why would you say “we managed to win double under Ancelloti”?when we scored the highest goals ever in the league. We beat manchester united,arsenal and liverpool both at their ground and in stamford bridge,is that managing? and that was the first time Chelsea fc won their first major double.2004 is not 2013 yes but Mourinho is starting on a poor level. Against Manchester. United this season he started poorly and everton his subs were horrible.Mata is chelsea’s best player and he deserves to play week in,week out.De bruyne,willian and schurrle are good but Mata is better.Talking about his plans did he drop Ozil on the bench when he was in charge at madrid nor did he drop Ronaldo on the bench because he said the latter thinks he knows all. Mourinho to me is the best coach in the world but his getting it all wrong.we all know. that let’s call a spade a spade.KTBFFH