Spurs 1-1 CHELSEA: Torres Clawing His Way Back To Form

No handbags at dawn in the dugouts, whatever the press might have us believe, but the claws were definitely out on the pitch – or at least Torres’ were anyway. Gutting to see him go off for a non-offence in the end though, given it was the best performance we’ve seen from him in a very long time but there were more positives than negatives to take away from this game, not least of all the return of Mata – because for all the focus on ‘the sorcerer and his apprentice’ before the game, Juan Mata was the one who really brought a bit of magic to the proceedings.

Anyway, before I go into a whole new rant about the prettier side of Mata and the much uglier side to Vertonghen than even his bathroom mirror could reflect, here’s a round-up of reviews:


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We get Mourinho’s opinion from BT Sport

Opposition view is brought to us by FourFourTwo

BleacherReport focus on lessons learnt

Teamtalk give us their player ratings

And highlights and goals come courtesy of SoccerBlogger

3 Responses to “Spurs 1-1 CHELSEA: Torres Clawing His Way Back To Form”

  1. Mata changed the game for me. As a spurs fan I was a little embarrassed over super Jan’s behaviour, although recalling how many times ramires kicked eriksen and dembele, hazard falling over if brethed on somehow It wasn’t so bad. Torres’ 4 yr old girl actions deserved a sending off an may even get retrospective action. Draw was a fair result, however Mourinho needs to stop moaning about decisions as this is a sign of the pressure getting to him already.

  2. Mourinho is as big a pussy as Torres is. One fights like a girl, the other cries like one. Custom made be be Chelscum, those two

  3. Exceptional performances from Torres ever since he joined Chelsea are simply what they are – exceptions. And every time he plays brilliantly, most Chelsea fans secretly hope that he has finally come around only to be disappointed. An endless loop if there ever was one.