Do City Really Have The Edge In Title Race?

With Pellegrini confidently stating “the biggest club is City now” and the Manchester club still fighting on all four fronts, Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho believes as far as the Premier League title goes at least, Man City have the advantage.
Although 3 points behind us in the league, City have a game in hand after their midweek trip to Sunderland was postponed due to adverse weather conditions. The Manchester derby has also been pushed back in March to allow for their appearance in the Capital One Cup final – all factors Jose Mourinho believes could work in their favour.
The Chelsea boss says “What affects the Premier League is the change of the fixtures. City play later after the other teams fighting for the title, so it is easier. They know somebody lost, somebody won, they lost two points, one point is enough for us. That is obviously an advantage.”
Mind you, careful not to be accused of ‘bullying’ the opposition, Mourinho insists “It’s not their fault. It’s the weather, the fixtures, the FA, the Premier League, so it’s not their fault.”
Is he right though? Or will a backlog of fixtures be more of a hindrance than a help to City?

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