Suarez: The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game

It’s 2014 and football has finally lost it’s way.

Ok, not necessarily the game itself because we’ve seen some lovely stuff during the 2014 World Cup, but everything else that surrounds it. From the supporters, managers and players, through to the pundits, journalists and governing bodies, the plot has become well and truly lost. Or at least that seems to be the only explanation I can come up with to account for the whole Luis Suarez debacle.

What other reason could there be for a professional football player to bite an opponent in the middle of a game and then receive such a lenient ‘punishment’ for it? And what else would explain the suggestions that this penalty is in any way harsh, or that Suarez is somehow ‘suffering’ an illness that means he’ll score goals for fun when things go his way and take chunks out of the opposition for kicks when it doesn’t?

Let’s not forget this is an individual in the very privileged position of being paid an obscene amount of money to represent club and country in front of millions watching the world over. We should also remember that whilst in such a privileged position, Luis Suarez has repeatedly bitten opponents mid-game and I say ‘repeatedly’ because once might be a rush of blood to the head (and one you’d expect an appropriate level of embarrassment and remorse for), twice is inexplicable and three times is just a bloody habit.

Even his attitude towards the incident immediately after the game against Chile smacks of complete nonchalance, with Suarez telling Uruguayan television: “These are just things that happen out on the pitch. It was just the two of us inside the area and he bumped into me with his shoulder. There are things that happen on the pitch and you should not make such a big deal out of them.” His ‘defence’ following the ban was little better either, with no apologies for the teeth marks inflicted on the shoulder of Giorgio Chiellini but instead, the laughable claim he had lost his balance and fallen on his victim’s shoulder – with a whinge about a sore mouth thrown in just to add insult to Chiellini’s injury.

For managers to then defend a player despite behaviour like this – and worse still, supporters who don’t even have the financial implications to consider – just sums up how fractured the world’s thinking has become when it comes to ‘the beautiful game’.

How quickly some want to sweep Suarez’ latest misdemeanour under the carpet, yet dust off wrongdoings from a decade, or even two ago, in some misguided attempt to justify what was nothing less than GBH on the pitch.

Not that I thought Cantona was anything more than a thug at the time but for anyone wishing to make comparisons, the former United player received a nine month ban from the game, in addition to being sentenced to two weeks in prison, reduced to 120 hours community service. Granted, this was for responding to provocation by assaulting someone in the crowd, but is assaulting a fellow professional on the pitch without provocation any less of an offence? Well apparently it is, which is why I’m of the opinion football is in dire need of a Tom Tom to get back on track.

Ironically, whilst England were playing Uruguay, an England supporter was bitten in the crowd. The press, quite rightly, were outraged by this. Six British police officers travelled to Brazil to investigate, interviewing several witnesses. The Chief Supt leading the British operation in Brazil said “During the course of our pursuit of the assailant, we located and interviewed several witnesses. They were very helpful in giving their version of events, but, unfortunately they were unable to give us a name for the alleged attacker.”

Officers observed supporters at England’s final match against Costa Rica in an effort to find, and bring the assailant to justice. Sadly this was unsuccessful but a Foreign Office spokesperson was at least able to reassure us “We are aware of an incident in Sao Paulo on the June 19 involving a British national, and we provided consular assistance.”

FIFA had the option to give Suarez a two year ban – I don’t believe either the police or the Foreign Office have made comments.

9 Responses to “Suarez: The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game”

  1. in your bus chelski

  2. All this and not a mention of John Terry ? You’re avin a feckin laugh !!

  3. I’m not sure what point you are trying to make. Is it that football as an industry is a joke and out of touch with reality? If that is your point, why on earth did it take the latest Suarezgate episode to come to such a conclusion? Ironically this is appearing on a Chelsea website, a club which had over 30 players sent out on loan last season. A club which dispatches managers like a vending machine and provides a wealthy Russian with something to do when he’s bored. Seriously, you should really look a little harder and a little closer to home before riding the latest bandwagon. Truth is, football and it’s merky, shadowy abhorrent nature is a far cry from its roots and has been for some time, long before Luis Suarez came along.

  4. Here we go. So there’s a post about an incident in the World Cup and it’s dismissed whilst the finger is pointed in Chelsea’s direction as everything that’s wrong with football. If John Terry had bitten someone, I’d be writing about it – he didn’t, Luis Suarez did. Fact

  5. Nothing is being dismissed and this is a Chelsea website. What bugs me is that people are like lemmings and respond in mass to incidents sensationalised by the media. The author describes Suarez’s bite as GBH but there was barely a word written in the media about Alex Song’s elbow in the back or Sakho’s elbow in the face. People just like to jump on current trends, write their little pieces as though they are masters of debate and opinion yet fail to see anything else around them. It’s pathetic.

  6. How is Suarez biting someone (again) sensationalised? He’s done it three times now, I just wonder if the press will crawl back up his arse as quickly this time as last. What’s really pathetic is the leniency he’s been shown

  7. Nothings been written about songs elbow??? What about it!!?? Hes a man, and men somtimes lash out with their fists and elbows, thats just what some men do in a physical game when their emotions take over, but what MEN dont do is bite one another!!! And for all you Urgay fans and liverpoof fans saying its no big deal, make sure you teach your kids its FINE to bite another player.

  8. For god’s sake leave the man alone…he’s not perfect and neither is anybody else…he was at display in world cup and should have conducted himself appropriately which he didn’t…give it a rest…he didn’t even remotely cause a minor injury to anyone…and just stop putting yourself on a freaking moral pedestal and judge and scrutinize things without any need…a lot of us ourselves act insanely many a times and seriously if you look around some of these acts even deserve strict punishment but go unnoticed…he is a man with faults but you know what despite his faults his play makes me smile, he is just that good and that is what I call beautiful football.

  9. Dear God I’ve heard it all now