CHELSEA v Arsenal: Opposition View

Ahead of today’s game, I offered up a few questions to football coach and all round football nut Yaz. I’m reliably informed Yaz is Singapore’s most ardent Arsenal supporter, so let’s see what he’s got to say:

TCB: Like Jose Mourinho, I don’t have a lot to say about Mr Wenger and personally think it’s been a long 18 years. What do you think keeps Wenger at Arsenal though?
YAZ: We fans all like to believe that his brand of football for his philosophy brought excitement to the team and the league itself. His achievement over 18 years should be highly regarded.

TCB: I’ve no doubt Arsenal regard him highly but realistically, do you think you can improve on a domestic cup if he stays?
YAZ: Cliche as it may sound, nothing is certain nor guaranteed in football. Having endured countless barren years, we finally won the FA Cup and then the Community Shield. Certainly it augurs well for the hunt for more trophies.
The grandest trophy AW has helped us achieve must arguably be The Emirates stadium.

TCB: I’d argue the Champions League is a shinier trophy, just personal preference obviously. What about your current squad, what’s your thoughts?
YAZ: An improvement to last season in the attacking department obviously but worryingly, it seems we are inadequate at the back. Should our midfield be as dynamic as they were against Galatasaray, our defence would be under less pressure.

TCB: Who should we most worry about?
YAZ: Based on last Champions League’s match, man to watch is certainly Mesut Ozil.

TCB: Ozil, really? You don’t think it’s fair to say Ozil could be classed as AWOL most weeks then?
YAZ: In fairness, he has done great so far and more of him I would expect to excel. Players around him need to perform too. To prove critics wrong, this London derby would be a fitting stage for him.

TCB: What about our squad, which of our players do you fear most?
YAZ: Diego Costa. With the embarrassing amount of service that he’s getting and his clinical finishing, would certainly account for a minimum of 20 goals for him this season. Proven and a real threat.

TCB: Talking of service, Cesc Fabregas looks pretty good in a Chelsea shirt eh? How will you feel if he scores?
YAZ: Probably nothing. He left for Barcelona which he calls home. To me, players come and go. Being handsomely paid for their trade, they need to make themselves feel wanted by the fans. That is all.

TCB: Not something Didier has to work at, shame he’s out for this one, he loved a goal against you lot. Have you missed him?
YAZ: Not really. Has he seen loads of minutes so far?

TCB: Ouch. No love lost there obviously.
Finally, give us your prediction for the game
YAZ: I’m hardly one who’s keen to make any prediction but realistically at this stage of season, sharing the spoils would be a good result.
TCB: slightly closer than last season then!

Cheers Yaz, all the best (hope you lose, obviously)

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  1. Typical ignorant and patrionishing chav not intelligent to have a proper footballing discussion and instead offer back handed comments.