CHELSEA 6-0 Maribor: Hurricane Hazard Hits Stamford Bridge

Whilst hurricane Gonzalo threatened to infiltrate Britain, at Stamford Bridge it was all a bit of a breeze for Chelsea against Maribor in the Champions League. Despite previous draws against Schalke and Sporting, last night proved to be a wake up call for the visitors, with their goal given a bit of a battering. Ok, so we were a bit fortunate with the penalties as it turned out but we were more than good for the scoreline. Highlights had to be the captain’s marauding run down the pitch for his goal, Didier Drogba reminding us what he can do from the spot and some ridiculously good football from Eden Hazard. All that, and some youngsters getting a look in. Lovely stuff. Here’s the round-up of reviews:

There’s the usual full match report from CFC
The Guardian pick out five talking points
Jose’s view comes from Teamtalk give us their player ratings
And highlights come courtesy of Footyroom

2 Responses to “CHELSEA 6-0 Maribor: Hurricane Hazard Hits Stamford Bridge”

  1. get your facts right !!!!! we did not previously draw with SPORTING !!!!!

  2. No, Maribor did – which is what the post says.