Liverpool v CHELSEA: Talking to the Opposition

Ahead of today’s game with Liverpool, The Chelsea Blog had a chat with Singapore’s longest serving football pro and Liverpool fan Yazid Yasin. Have a butcher’s:

The Chelsea Blog: I think Brendan Rodgers has undergone a personality bypass since his Chelsea days, what do you make of him?
Yazid Yasin: I still think Rodgers is a decent manager & the right person to lead Liverpool. He’s just a victim of his own success. Last season, Liverpool were in the run until the very end for the Premiership, nobody expected that but now everyone expects Liverpool to do the same.

TCB: Do you think he’s made any improvements in terms of your current squad?
YY: As a squad, yes but in terms of the first 11, no cause none of his signings are better than the 11 we already have, it’s quantity over quality in my view.

TCB: How much do you think you miss Suarez?
YY: We really miss Suarez, not only for his goals but for all his assists & tireless running in the match, the hunger & willingness to chase down lost causes just rubs on to his team & the main reason why Liverpool was excellent last season.

TCB: Hunger you say? Yes, he liked a nibble during the game didn’t he? Was Balotelli really the answer?
YY: Didn’t really fancy Balotelli cause he’s simply not consistent enough. He’s like a coin, there’s 2 side of him, he can be amazingly good but he can also turn up extremely bad.When things don’t go his way, he simply stops & goes missing.

TCB: Were you embarrassed by the side Rodgers put out against Real Madrid midweek?
YY: Surprise,yes. Embarrased, no, simply because even though it’s a game that we needed a result, the players that came in were decent in midweek, maybe that’s the wake up call that the team & players needed.

TCB: So, Rodgers conceded the Champions League for our game but realistically what’s the best Liverpool can hope for this season?
YY: Realistically, if we make it to the top four, it’s a bonus & if we can’t get into Europe then it’s a failure.

TCB: You’re 12 points off top going into the game, is he really going to concentrate on the Premier League?
YY: He might wanna concentrate on the Premiership to get back into the Champions League next season but having said that, we are currently playing in it & it will be massive for the fans if he gives it a real shot & go as far as possible in the competition. To put all his eggs in 1 basket & concentrate only on the Premiership, he might get egg on his face come the end of the season.

TCB: Who should Chelsea be most worried about in the game today?
YY: Steven Gerrard, he’s the leader & one of those that can inspire the team to up a gear, haven’t hit his usually high standard in recent times but probably the best time to do so against the league leader.
TCB: I think we all agree he’s a slippery character then.

TCB: Who should Liverpool fear most in the game?
YY: Eden Hazard, probably the best Chelsea player at the moment. He’s the one pulling the strings & he can make things happen even with minimal time & space. Probably wanna make up for his penalty miss in midweek too.
TCB: touché, maybe he’ll get one of those ghost goals today?

TCB: ok, give us your prediction then
YY: Finally,prediction time, my heart says Liverpool but my head says Chelsea to win 2-1. Though Chelsea have all the firepower to score goals, but this season they also leak in quite a few. Either way,it’s gonna be a great game of football on the weekend.

TCB: cheers Yazid, I won’t wish you luck obviously

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  1. A Liverpool fan who knows about football as he actually got ht result spot on….Chelsea fan in disguise me thinks 🙂