Mourinho: A Campaign Against Chelsea

Another game, another penalty claim, another yellow card – it’s a conspiracy I tell you!
Flippant? Probably but then whilst I might not agree entirely with Jose on this one in terms of a deliberate ‘campaign’, I certainly didn’t agree with Souness saying Mourinho made a ‘massive’ deal of it ‘to put pressure on the refs’. Any manager faced with that situation even in a single game would be raging, never mind having to put up with it twice!
I imagine in Jose’s eyes, once is poor officiating but twice is an agenda because the Chelsea boss insisted after the game “The media, commentators, other managers are all doing it [putting pressure on referees]. There is a campaign against Chelsea. I don’t know why there is this campaign and I do not care.”
Having seen Fabregas have his legs taken from underneath him during the second half at St Mary’s and conceding a yellow card and free kick instead of the penalty he should have had, Mourinho says “Everybody knows it was a penalty. The referee made a mistake, people make mistakes and he made a big mistake. He is a good referee and a good guy, he is young, he has years and years of football ahead of him but it is a big mistake.
After the game against West Ham, Sam is speaking about Branislav Ivanovic [diving], what is this? Then, you come here [Southampton] and you have a crucial decision and the referee makes the wrong decision. He made a mistake. He assumed it. Out of nothing, Allardyce starts speaking about Chelsea players diving, then another coach and another coach. The referee changes a penalty for a yellow card. [The] same happened with Diego Costa in the game against Burnley. That I can’t understand. The reality is there are penalties and penalties – this one was a huge one. Match after match coaches are telling Chelsea players are diving. I will go to the referee and wish him a good year and tell him he will be ashamed. My players tried to win, especially in the second half. I can’t understand such a big penalty [when Cesc Fabregas fell under the challenge of Matt Targett].”

Of course Mourinho’s right about it being a big penalty, in fact, that decision would have been the difference between one point and three as it turned out, so if he does find himself hauled over the coals for his opinion, it’ll be every bit as harsh as the decision itself.


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