John Terry Trial: It’s Not Black & White

Tomorrow marks a day I’ve been dreading for months – the start of John Terry’s trial for alleged racism.

We’ve been able to put it on the backburner for quite a while – well, as much as you can put it on the backburner when every comment made about him seems to have had a character assassination attached – and in spite of snidey comments every time his name was mentioned, we got through the Premier League season and came out the other side with the FA Cup and Champions League trophies to distract us.  … Read More

John Terry Protected Or Punished?

Is homophobia more acceptable than racism?  Ridiculous question obviously, they’re both as abhorrent as each other and oppression is oppression whatever form it might come in.

It’s potentially a question some Chelsea and/or England supporters might feel they’re entitled to ask though, particularly in the face of Antonio Cassano seemingly getting off fairly lightly following a blatant and very public homophobic comment aimed at the Italian national side, whilst John Terry continues to be persecuted on a daily basis for an, as yet, unproven allegation.… Read More

Case Adjourned: Concentrate On The Euros

It seems that anything going wrong in the world lately can be attributed in some way, shape or form to John Terry. Economic turmoil – John Terry’s fault, poverty in the Third World – blame JT, the real villain behind JR’s shooting? Did they interview JT yet? … Read More

Chelsea: It’s Not About The Money, Money, Money

Watching our game against Wigan at the weekend, I was really disappointed. God knows why, because given our fixture list is as congested as the District Line on a Saturday afternoon and our starting XI is subject to more changes than Katie Price’s little black book lately, I appreciate we can’t expect to be blowing anyone away. … Read More

Chelsea: Out Of Fight Or Just Out Of Steam?

Bloody woeful again yesterday wasn’t it? As if it wasn’t bad enough having to digest a midweek performance against City as limp as Dale Winton’s wrist, we’re served up a dire derby against Spurs for afters. Weaker constitutions might have succumbed to spewing bile by now but as passion-fuelled as that may be, that’s not TheChelseaBlog way.… Read More

Candidates Queueing For Chelsea Job? Probably Not

Almost four years ago now, TheChelseaBlog was ranting about the club’s handling of managers…….4 managers later, nothing has changed and following the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas yesterday, it’s hard to feel anything except deeply disillusioned with the club. … Read More

Have Our Players Learnt As Much As AVB?

If you’re not giving your opinion on Andre Villas-Boas and the current situation at Chelsea, you’re clearly missing out on an old English custom, because everyone from pre-school to pension age seems to take a view on Chelsea managers – or at least that’s how it feels on a seasonal basis.… Read More

AVB Suffering For Past Mistakes?

I was watching some old Chelsea videos at the weekend – well let’s face it, it was preferable to our highlights against Birmingham wasn’t it?

With everything that’s going on at the club right now, particularly the pressure AVB is under and the (mis)reported chants for the return of Mourinho, there’s definitely a feel that some of us are harping after the past, so, true to that form I revisited our relegation back to the second division in ’88 (because I’m obviously sadistic) and ended the evening with some old favourites from 1997 through to 2005.… Read More

Is Torres Feeling The Love?

I was in a cab when I heard we’d signed Andriy Shevchenko. I remember it because I’d been saying for two seasons we should sign him.  I remember how I took the absolute piss out of the other passenger in the cab with me – a Milan fan who’d sworn all along Shevchenko would never leave AC. … Read More

Chelsea Concerns: From Boardroom To Pitch

When it’s supporters rather than the press calling for the Chelsea manager’s head, you know he’s in trouble.  Mind you, let’s not pretend the press hadn’t already sown the seed, they had, months ago and now it seems that following our first defeat of 2012, the ‘AVB out’ campaign is in full swing.… Read More