The Untouchables II: Not In Their Back-Yard

After days on end of having to read about why JT shouldn’t even play for England again, nevermind captain them, followed by the judgement from on high about Chelsea fans’ alleged racist booing of Rio Ferdinand at the weekend, I sat down last night to put a bit of a rant together on here by way of response.… Read More

AVB – Off With His Head?!

Yesterday, TheChelseaBlog ran a reader’s post on the subject of AVB – now here’s my own take on it. … Read More

John Terry Defended Before He’s Tried

Ahead of tonight’s game – and the start of John Terry’s court case tomorrow – Swansea boss Brendan Rodgers has spoken in glowing terms of the Chelsea captain. … Read More

AVB – Are The Seeds Being Sown?

I don’t understand some Chelsea supporters, particularly when it comes to our managers. We all get frustrated at the press for being on their backs all the time, yet the minute we have a couple of poor results, some supporters don’t just join the ‘sack the manager’ brigade, they’re actually up there leading it.… Read More

Journalists: Football’s New ‘Untouchables’?

Journalists – they’re a breed apart aren’t they? It’s always seemed to me that there’s one rule for them and another one entirely for the subjects of their ‘reports’. In fact, we haven’t even hit the Christmas period of the football calendar and it’s an opinion that’s already been reinforced repeatedly.… Read More

What’s Happening To The Glorious Game?

The football world was stunned at the weekend with the news of Gary Speed’s death. The death of any man at 42, a husband and father, is always shocking but all the more tragic when it’s as the result of suicide. … Read More

The Chelsea Right Wing Dilemma

Ever driven a car with a flat tyre? Had a blow out? Well for those who haven’t, I can tell you the whole thing takes on a mind of it’s own. It doesn’t matter what you want it to do, it’ll have it’s own direction – usually towards a central reservation or somewhere equally unhelpful.… Read More

Henry Winter On Chelsea: Money, Managers & Modric

Ever wonder what journalists really think about Chelsea? Do they really run sweepstakes on our managers every season? Well, The Telegraph’s Henry Winter, agreed to answer a few questions from TheChelseaBlog and its readers. So have a read and see what he reckons: … Read More

Fickle or Forgiving? Part II


The news that Ryan Giggs has been a very naughty boy probably surprised quite a few people. Held up as a the sort of player many would aspire to become and widely regarded as a consummate professional both on and off the field, in one simple headline, Ryan Giggs has been knocked off the pedestal the Reds have had him on for the past 20 years.Read More

Can Carlo Turn It Around?


“No desire, no passion, no motivation, no imagination and no bloody shots on target! Ring any bells? Cast your minds back 2 years to Scolari…..Back then, we looked devoid of ideas, passion and fight, we had a manager who wasn’t really arsed, we had no plan B and it isn’t a position we’d ever want to find ourselves in again.Read More